Legends of Burlesque, Then and Now

Legends of Burlesque 11

Legends of Burlesque, Then and Now, is a photo book covering more than 45 legends of burlesque, with photos of them in their heyday contrasted with photos of them today, including information on what they have done since retiring from the stage.

These photos show them in all their former glory, uncensored, so if nudity offends you, do not order this book.

The book is presented by Gina Bon Bon and Julie Mist, two legends of burlesque verified by the Burlesque Hall of Fame. It includes stories of burlesque life “back in the day”, combined with stories of the mistakes they made, lessons they learned, and their current lives.

It is a “must see” for any true fan of burlesque.

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“Best book ever!”  — Kitten Natividad

“This is number 28 of the books I’ve been in since I came out 21 years ago, and this is the best one. I’m really  (pardon my language) f_ _  _ _ing impressed!” — Satan’s Angel

“I love this book. The women in it are great friends and fabulous performers.”Stephanie Blake (Cimarron)

“What a great job you did!!! I love all the photos and the info. . . . This book honors legends and tells their stories.” — Lovey Goldmine

“I went through it page by page. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!” — Bambi Jones